The refreshed BMW 7 Series has been launched a bit over a week ago and yet it somehow feels like it’s been around for a lot longer than that. Maybe it’s because everyone sort of expected the car to come with bigger nostrils or maybe it’s because the overall shape of the thing didn’t actually change that much but one thing is clear: the world is divided as to whether it’s a good looking car or not. Now artists are getting involved, with renderings of the limousine in various different guises.

Today we’re taking a look at one of the first to come out and a good one too. Aksyonov Nikita put together a rather good looking and accurate rendering of how the new 7 Series would look like in Touring or Wagon guise. This may be a ludicrous attempt but I have to admit I like the way it looks. In the US, the wagons are on their way out, being basically replaced with higher-riding SUVs and, truth be told, most people would probably get an X7 instead of a 7 Series Touring if it ever became a thing.

2020 bmw 7 series facelift imagined as wagon and cabrio 5 830x467

Nevertheless, dreaming was still free last time I checked and this thing definitely stimulates your imagination. A Touring 7 Series will never happen and was never on the chopping board in the past either, as the flagship limousine is aiming at a different kind of demographic. However, I could see Alpina doing one such experiment, for some really rich customers, in a limited-run batch of completely custom made cars.

It’s all just wishful thinking even though these renderings do look good. Nikita definitely did a good job integrating all the elements into one picture and, for the first time, I like the non-M 7 Series better than the M Sport version for this LCI model. It has something of a ‘concept’ feel to it which is hard to disagree with.