Prices for some of BMW’s most iconic models have gone through the roof lately. Even older M cars, not necessarily rare or special editions, are now on the rise, like the E36 M3 and even the E46 model. Some cars are really expensive by now though, like the BMW 507 Roadster, the BMW M1 and the BMW Z8. A mint Z8 for example, can go pretty high up in the six figure range, but what about one that has a bit more on the odometer?

That’s what we stumbled upon while randomly browsing the Internet for some exotics. This 2001 BMW Z8 listed for sale in the Beverly Hills area caught my eye with its $125,000 price tag. The pictures also show it to be in great condition and the ad doesn’t really specify the mileage, inviting you to call. When we did we got the answer as to why the price tag is so low and yet nobody bought it yet – This red beauty has over 156,000 miles on the clock.

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However, what that tells us is two things: the owner loved it to death and was a daily driver, and was diligent with the maintenance. The two go hand in hand as those who love their cars tend to take great care of them. The ad says it’s ‘mechanically sound’ andweI tend to believe that judging by the way this thing looks at 156,000 miles. But the question is: would you risk your own money to buy this car?

That’s something for those with this kind of money in the pocket to think about. What’s rather obvious is that the next owner would probably buy it to actually drive it, as the chances of selling this car later on for profit are slim, considering the mileage. Nevertheless, you’d get a 4.9-liter M-developed V8 with 400 HP and a manual gearbox to play around with, along with a timeless design. Worth it?