854-Mile BMW E46 330i Can Be Yours for $30,000

3 Series, News | January 24th, 2019 by 9
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Not long ago, our own Nico told you about a car that could be considered a real-life time capsule having been driven less than 570 miles per year. However, today we’re looking at an even more enticing proposal, a car that – despite its age – garnered only 854 miles on its odometer, even though it’s nearly 18 years old. This beautiful 2001 BMW 330Ci is up for grabs on Hemmings, for the staggering asking price of $30,000.

That is quite a lot of money for an 18-year old BMW 3 Series. Some could see it a better fit to spend that amount on a considerably newer model, not necessarily a BMW. Nevertheless, the owner is asking for 30 large and if you’re a die hard E46 fan such as myself and have a lot more disposable income than me, this could be a tempting proposition.

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It’s enough to take a look at the pics posted in the ad to start drooling. The car is in absolute mint condition, as if it was driven out of the factory yesterday. Everything looks spot on and brand new, from the paint to the interior. According to the ad, it was kept indoor its whole life and was regularly started. It had all its fluids and the battery changed to be prepared for sale and it looks like it’s going to make someone very happy one of these days.

The only issue I have with it is that it’s an automatic. Back in 2001 it probably made sense to get it in this configuration but by now, this could be considered a classic car and one would only drive it for fun which means a manual gearbox would be a lot better. Even so, would you spend that much on an 18-year old 3 Series?