Ask almost any BMW enthusiast which 3 Series generation is best and the answer will almost always be “E46“. It’s obviously not the only good generation of 3 Series but the E46 is often regarded as the finest driving 3 Series in history, for its near-perfect blend of composure and compliance. It also still felt remarkably pure and communicative, despite being comfortable and refined. It’s a masterpiece, truly. So the idea of snatching one up that’s basically brand new is a very tempting idea.

This 2002 E46 BMW 330i sedan is currently up for sale on eBay and it’s basically a time-capsule back to the early ’00s. That’s because, despite being almost twenty years old, it only has 9,600 miles. That’s less than 570 miles per year. So to call it fresh would be a drastic understatement.

E46 3 Series 2 830x553

One look at the body, interior, engine bay, trunk or anywhere else really, only solidifies that notion. It looks minty fresh, as if it just rolled off the dealer lot back in 2002.

Now, it’s not the most desirable of spec; silver over grey interior with wood trim an automatic transmission. However, it’s still a very good car to drive and would be lovely to actually own. E46s are known for being relatively reliable and durable even with high mileage but this one has essentially no miles. So it will provide several years of driving enjoyment.

E46 3 Series 3 830x553

However, it will cost you. It’s currently listed at $17,500. That’s a lot of money for a 17 year old car. You can get F30 BMW 328is with less than 45,000 miles for the same money and they come with sat-nav and iDrive. Hell, some even have xDrive all-wheel drive. Or, you can get an E90 335i with under 45,000 miles and that has a turbocharged I6 engine with 300 hp. So we’re not sure that this E46 3 Series, while incredibly well-kept, is worth the money. It’s awesome, yes, but the value doesn’t seem to be there.

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