Over the past few months, a few spy photos of the upcoming the BMW 7 Series LCI have popped up. They’ve shown the new 7er with a similar grille to that of the newer and much larger X7. We also recently saw a leaked photo of the 7 Series LCI wearing a sheet that was lifted at the front, to reveal a bit of its face. That photo confirmed its new X7-style face. Now, though, we’re getting some first-hand info from someone who was at a customer preview of the facelifted 7er. Also, a new leaked photo by Instagram account @stanrudman popped up today and it’s all rather interesting.

The first little morsel of info we learn is that the 7 Series will be getting at least one new exterior paint color option and it’s a good one; Donington Grey, the same Donington Grey you can get on the M5. It’s a great color and one that will add a sporty look to the 7 Series. Especially on the car in question, as our inside customer says the car previewed was wearing an M Sport package.

BMW 7 Series

According to our insider, the 7 Series LCI is dramatically different looking than the current pre-LCI car. So different in fact that it could pose as an all-new model, rather than just a refresh. From this leaked photo, that doesn’t seem to be hyperbole, at least at the front.

The new kidney grilles are huge, as they are on the X7, but bold and aggressive looking. Apparently, the large grilles, new headlights and hood lines give the new 7er a very aggressive and muscular look. At least from this photo, that seems to be accurate, as the new front end, headlights, grilles and hood are very aggressive looking compared to the current car. The biggest problem with the current 7er’s looks is not that it’s ugly but that it’s a bit bland. So hearing that it’s going with a sportier look, to separate itself from the uber-luxurious S-Class, is good news.

Apparently, the taillight shape is pretty similar to the current car but the lights themselves take on the same styling as the G20 3 Series’. Though, there is a new light strip that connects the two taillights and runs underneath the chrome strip on the trunk lid.

BMW 7 Series 1 830x467

BMW 7 Series LCI Render

Unfortunately, not much has changed on the inside. The only real changes inside the 7 Series are to its screens. Replacing its gauge cluster is the same new digital instrument panel as the X7 and its iDrive is upgraded to the new model from the X7 as well. Also, the rear passenger screens are now touch-sensitive. Other than that, it seems to be pretty similar. That’s not such a bad this, as the 7 Series is very nice inside, but we were hoping for some added flair. The current 7 Series is only making do with the minimum fifteen pieces of flair. It should really have closer to thirty seven pieces of flair.

Despite the new interior’s lack of flair, the facelifted 7 Series sounds like it could be very promising. Based on this new info, while also including what we’ve seen in photos, we think there’s a lot to be excited about with this new 7er.