Not too long ago we got to see the BMW M8 Competition in almost all its glory, thanks to a couple of pictures leaked online. Today, based on those leaks, J.B Cars created their own version of the M8.

The BMW M8 will come with quad exhausts, like you see in the picture, but the blacked out diffuser seen on the rear bumper might not be offered as standard on the M8 and rather could come as part of the package the M8 Competition. The same could be the case with the spoiler on the boot lid, which may not be offered as standard on the ‘regular’ M8. Same logic applies to the carbon fiber roof. What this rendering is missing though are the M-style side mirrors, something of a trademark of M cars for decades now.

2020 bm m8 coupe rendered competition model 131167 1

As for the technical side of things, the M8 is promising a lot. Chances are it will be lighter than the M850i thanks to more extensive usage of lightweight materials. At the same time, it will use a similarly-sized 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood but, according to BMW officials, it will have over 600 HP. That means the Competition M8 could have around 650 HP and that’s just crazy even for the segment where the M8 will be competing.

With that kind of power and the new M xDrive all-wheel drive high-performance transmission, the new M8 is bound to get an eye-watering 0-62 sprint time. The M5 does that sprint in 3.4 seconds while the Competition model is even faster at 3.3 seconds. The M8 could beat those figures while the Competition version might be even faster. It all remains to be seen though as BMW is quite tight-lipped about the two high-performance cars.