Now that the G20 3 Series is out, the world is waiting to see just what BMW M will do with the upcoming M3 model. The chassis and handling of the new 3 Series have received a lot of praise from all the journalists testing them for the first time. It’s pretty clear that the new 3 Series is taking things up a notch compared to the competition and we can’t wait to see just how much further the G80 M3 can push the performance envelope.

The design of the new M car will most likely fall into the patterns we’ve grown used to seeing. It will take the look of the regular 3 Series and slightly enhance it to offer better functionality as well as a meaner demeanor. What we can tell you right now is that we’ll get M side mirrors, bigger air intakes at the sides of the front bumper as well as four tailpipes at the back. The rendering we’re looking at here includes one of those features, the quad tailpipes.

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It comes courtesy of Car Lifestyle and it’s a pretty decent effort. The rear bumper has been modified from the standard G20 to house not only the exhaust tips but also some more aggressive character lines. The side profile shows wider hips as well as new wheels, looking stunning, while the front fenders are now housing gills which may or may not make an appearance on the upcoming M3. That remains to be seen but in this rendering they do look good.

The new car is bound to get a new 3-liter straight six engine, developed on the back of the B58 mill. It will get forged pistons, a new air intake, two turbos and a bit more power than the S55 mill we have today. Our sources talk about at least 450 HP on the standard M3 with that output going up to around 500 HP for the Competition models. All-wheel drive and a manual transmission are still on the table so it’s going to be interesting to see how the G80 M3 shapes up.