The time has come to put on winter tires and maybe just confine a couple of high-performance cars to the garage. It’s winter time in some parts of the world and people are making sure that their cars are well taken care of. If you have to make due with only one car throughout the entire year, the least you can do is get some winter rubber on the wheels and maybe apply some protection foil to certain areas of the car to keep it safe from paint chips. But what about a car like the BMW M5 Competition?

The guys from Throttle House, based in Canada, have had it recently for testing purposes. And since Canada is quite widely known for its fierce winters, the car was wearing some proper Michelin winter tires, to make sure it doesn’t end up sliding into a pole. Does that take away from the experience? It definitely does but then again, without the new ‘shoes’ the M5 Competition could just become borderline undriveable in cold weather, even with the new all-wheel drive system in place.

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Sure, the Canadians don’t mention anything about the tires, but they do have a couple of complaints to make and they could all be traced to the rubber. From the lack of steering feel to the suspension feel and other aspects, a lot of these issues could be related to the tires. They do point out that in the end the M5 Competition is an absolute beast.

Being more powerful than its main rival, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S, helps but the biggest improvement by comparison comes in the way it drives and feels on the road. Even though this is a massive car, tipping the scale at over 4,300 lbs and being two Shaquille O’Neals in length, it doesn’t feel that way on the track, which speaks tons about the engineering that went into making it.