It’s pretty well-known by now that former BMW M head Albert Biermann, moved to Hyundai. Since there, he’s helped create such exciting cars as the KIA Stinger and the new Hyundai i30 N. Biermann knows a thing two about developing a good driver’s car, having been part of BMW and its M Division for so long. So fans of Hyundai should be very excited to learn that Biermann has been promoted to head of R&D for the Korean giant.

This is just part of the Hyundai Motor Group’s infusion of outside talent as of late. Since Biermann left BMW M to join Hyundai, two other BMW M engineers, Fayez Abdul Rahman and Thomas Schemera, made the jump as well. Former Bugatii designer  Alexander Selipanov has made the switch to Hyundai as well.

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Biermann’s influence was made immediately clear. Not only did cars like the KIA Stinger and Hyundai i30 N impress journalists but continued newcomers like the Genesis G70 and Hyundai Veloster N are proving that some great driver’s cars can come from South Korea. In fact, the Genesis G70 just won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.

Hyundai Motor Group’s profits are down quite a bit for 2018 but the brand is hoping that this new influx of talent and the new vehicles they created can help bring the brand back. Admittedly it was a bit initial investment, bringing in all of these new employees and investing in new, more expensive vehicles. We’ll soon see in the return on investment will be worth it for Hyundai but we know one thing for certain — we’re getting some interesting cars from South Korea and that’s very exciting.

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With Albert Biermann as the head of R&D for Hyundai, that could make the Korean automakers cars more attractive to enthusiasts of German brands that can’t quite afford new German cars. Cars like the Genesis G70 could attract buyers that might not be able to afford a 3 Series but want a premium sport sedan with a real performance pedigree, having been developed in part by a man of Biermann’s caliber.

[Source: Reuters]