The MINI Hatch is still one of the smallest cars you can buy today. I know a lot of people are complaining about how big the car got over the years, especially compared to the original, but they tend to forget to look at the rest of the automotive industry today as well. Compare the MINI Hatch to anything else on the road in the US today and you’ll soon observe just how compact it still is and how fun it is to drive.

The latter argument is less made but enthusiasts and journalists alike. The fun factor of the MINI is still there and the hardtop delivers plenty of kicks, especially in John Cooper Works guise. That’s exactly what the people from Jalopnik had for testing purposes for a couple of days and they decided to see just how practical the car is instead of focusing on other things. The video below shows how much stuff you can cram inside it.

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The challenge was to see if the MINI can ‘autumn’ which basically means to check out if it can carry at least a decent amount of stuff you would buy during this season. It all starts out with 10 lbs of apples and things start to pick up from there. After taking a trip to the grocery store, the plan was to see if everything in the cart could fit in the trunk. Among the groceries you’ll find anything, from a a couple of beer packs to water, pies and whatever else Erica decided to throw in there.

As a former MINI owner I can tell you that the Hardtop is surprisingly practical for a car of its size. One of my friends still has one and I’m amazed at how much stuff she can carry with it, especially if you fold the rear seats. It may be compact on the outside but it can definitely help you out with your carrying needs.