In stock form, the BMW X7 is already quite outrageous. It’s a massive, three-row, incredibly luxurious SUV that have variants costing six-figures. It’s unnecessary, superfluous and several other adjectives to describe its excess. However, these new renders of the X7 show off some even more outrageous variants.

For starters, there’s a green pickup truck variant of the BMW X7 rendered by Aksyonov Nikita. A BMW pickup truck has something that’s been rumored since the E92 M3 pickup was teased by BMW as a joke. However, BMW always denied any intention to develop a pickup and we believe those denials. So this render is outrageous simply for that reason but a pickup based on a three-passenger luxury SUV is just hilarious and silly.

Even more hilarious is the BMW X7 6×6 render, similar to that of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6×6, which is shockingly (and awesomely) a real production car. The render of the 6×6 is pretty similar to that of the regular pickup but just with six wheels and an LED light bar on the roof.

BMW X7 Off Road 830x553

There’s also an “Off-Road” version rendered, which looks like the sort of zombie apocalypse vehicle you’d see in the Walking Dead. With massive bolted on fender flares, a jacked up ride height, some rugged tires and even a push bar in the front makes it look like something that’s going to be running down zombies.

Some more conventional X7 renders are also there, such as a BMW X7 M and a coupe-like BMW X8. These are a bit boring though. If BMW were to actually make any of these renders and put any of them into production, is there really any question of which one it should be? It’s the BMW X7 6×6. That’s a must moving forward, BMW. We have enough M cars. Bring on the 6×6.

[Source: Behance]