The BMW X7 will be available with a range of engines, a wider or narrower palette depending on the continent you’re on. For example, the European customers will be deprived from owning one powered by a V8 engine for some time, while the US customers won’t get to enjoy the M50d diesel model. Nevertheless, more options will become available later down the line for both sides of the Atlantic but the question is: will there be a BMW X7 M?

That’s a question nobody is able to answer right now. Logic would dictate that such a behemoth shouldn’t be wearing the M badge on it unless it’s part of the M Sport package or on an M Performance model. However, that’s what people used to say about the X5 and X6 models and yet here we are with both of those Sports Activity Vehicles being offered in full-on M guise. They’re rather good too, if you take into consideration their size but would that be true for the X7 M too?

BMW X7 M2 830x467

Most likely it won’t, for a number of reasons. The only justification for seeing a car similar to the rendering here at hand, would be to offer obscene levels of power for a car that could actually find some good use for it. The X7 will be the biggest car BMW ever made and it most likely will tip the scale at close to 2.5 tons. 600 HP would make it quite zippy off the line, even though we have a hunch all other powerplants will do their job adequately as well.

The rendering here comes from X-Tomi Design and shows the X7 borrowing some cues from the X5, using M5 wheels and with an out of place M7 badge on the massive kidney grilles up front. This is definitely not his best work but we get the point he’s trying to make. A proper X7 M wouldn’t have that front bumper on, the air intakes would be larger and it would probably have proper M-style side mirrors. Whether it will ever come to fruition or not remains to be seen but since Mercedes-Benz is offering a GLS 63 AMG, why wouldn’t BMW offer a BMW X7 M to go with it?