This photoshoot features what some call the most coveted BMW M3 generation ever released. While the BMW E30 M3 took most of the attention throughout the recent years, its high cost and rather low production numbers kept it away from the hands of BMW aficionados. However, with the BMW E46 M3, that isn’t the case. The sportscar is available in substantial numbers, its price point is somewhat acceptable, and overall, you can purchase a well-kept unit for less than $25,000. In turn, this makes it one of the most coveted pieces of Bavarian company’s history to date.

While many consider aftermarket tuning child’s play, for a lot of owners upgrading both the performance and visual department of their high-performance vehicles is highly warranted. After all, adding a personal touch to your vehicle is what most of us are after for. The owner of this particular M3 chose to go with a simple and elegant aftermarket setup. Thanks to a set of HRE 540 wheels, his E46 M3 now shines even better, giving the owner all the attention he wants anywhere he takes his car.

Clean BMW M3 Gets HRE 540 Wheels Image 19 830x553

The wheels seen here are one of the most affordable forged wheels HRE Performance Wheels produce. Starting at just $1,100, these wheels easily find their home on a number of old school performance vehicles. For HRE, the 540 Series is one of the most iconic wheel styles the company has ever created. It was originally launched in the late ’90s, where the 540 Series quickly became one of HRE’s hottest sellers.

You could have easily spotted them during that time period on vehicles like the Porsche 996 Turbo, BMW E46 M3 or the Chevrolet Corvette. Now, the California-based wheel company has revived the 540 mesh style for their 40th Anniversary in 2018. The wheels were re-engineered to work with today’s most exclusive sports cars and SUVs, bringing a little bit of the 90s back to enjoy. The build added in the gallery below is a clear testament to how well a BMW E46 M3 can look with these wheels.