If there’s one car in BMW’s history that is bound to shoot up in value in the next few years my bet is on the E39 M5. The signs are already here, with pristine models going for a lot more than comparable cars from the same era. Understandably so, since the E39 M5 does hold a special place in the hearts not only of BMW enthusiasts but also in the hearts of petrol heads from around the world.

In the pictures posted here you get to take a closer look at a very low mileage model which is up for grabs on eBay for a cool $77,900. That’s a hefty price tag, one that could get you behind the wheel of a modern BMW, an M model too, so that you get to have your cake and eat it too. Could this M5 be worth the trouble? If you’re thinking of a long term investment, I think it would be a worthy investment but if you’re looking to buy it and actually enjoy it, you might want to look elsewhere. A mint model was sold at Pebble Beach for $176,000 earlier this year.

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The odometer has just over 9,000 miles on it and the car truly shows it. The Imola Red exterior seems very nice, with very few blemishes, if any. The interior is also pristine, done in a beautiful two-tone grey leather. The ad claims it has been meticulously looked after but since it covered less than 10,000 miles in its lifetime, it really isn’t all that relevant. The engine would most likely be in tip top shape, and the S62 V8 mill is one of the best the M division ever made.

The question is whether this beauty is worth the price tag. As I already said, if you’re looking at a long-term investment, it should be on your radar, even though it is a bit pricey. If you plan on buying it and driving it on a daily basis, you might be looking at a considerable drop in price with every new mile added on the clock.