One of the cars the G20 3 Series will spawn in the future is the upcoming BMW M3. The M model will come with a couple of novelties for the model and it’s bound to face some rather stiff competition from the likes of the C63 AMG or the Alfa-Romeo Giulia QV. Little is known about the upcoming M car even though it has been spotted out testing not long ago. However, this first attempt at rendering its design is a decent effort from Aksyonov Nikita.

Being the first rendering out there, it was bound to miss a couple of cues. The biggest one is the front bumper which will most likely look a lot different than the M Sport package we’re seeing in the photos below. The M3 will most likely have larger air intakes on the sides and drop the fog lights altogether. The mistakes continue at the back as well as it’s pretty normal for the M3 to have considerably wider hips than the standard 3 Series, to house the improved rear axle. That’s not the case here though.

next generation bmw m3 render 830x467

The Competition wheels and the carbon ceramic brakes could very well be offered on the production model. The carbon fiber splitter up front should also make an appearance. Carbon fiber covers for the side mirrors is also a cool touch, but the M3 will get M-style mirrors, not the ones seen in this rendering. Round the back, the boot lid spoiler seen here will be an add-on but the shape of the bumper round the edges might be approximately the same.

The optional carbon fiber roof is a staple in the M3/M4 lineup, so BMW engineers have probably already cooked up that solution. The G80 M3 will be using the same S58 3-liter straight six engine as the X3 M and X4 M models with power outputs between 450 HP and 500 HP, or even more on Competition models. The new M3 will also be a mild-hybrid, using the same 48V electrical system as the standard 3 Series.