Even though BMW says that an M Coupe based on the new Z4 Roadster is not in the books now, that hasn’t stopped rendering artists from creating their own version of the iconic Z4 M. Take for example Rain Prisk who decided to show us what an M Coupe could look like, if designed on the G29 Z4.

Following the design ideas of a Z4 M, the rendering delivers the typical short overhangs and long hood, coupled with the boxy and hatch-like rear-end. The taillights are integrated into the tailgate while the roof features an aggressive spoiler. A carbon fiber diffuser is surrounded by the typical M dual exhaust pipes, while the side view showcases a long and large air breather.

bmw z4 m coupe render 830x554

The imaginary M Coupe has also been lowered, so the large wheels are now flushed with the body.

Overall, this is a great rendering that certainly looks production ready and increases our desire for a real Z4 M Coupe.

The last Z4 M Coupe/Roadster was introduced in 2006 and it was powered by the S54 straight-six engine from the E46 M3, a wonderful engine for an equally exciting and fun car.

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Fans of the Z4 Roadster will have to settle now for the M40i model, powered by 382 hp from its 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-six (Euro models get 335 hp due to some sort of gasoline particulate filter). For those of you at home that don’t know, that’s 49 hp more than the old E85/E86 BMW Z4 M, which made 333 hp. Plus, now being turbocharged, the new Z4 M40i makes 369 lb-ft of torque, which is 107 lb-ft more than the 262 lb-ft of the older Z4 M.

So the new BMW Z4 M40i will be more than enough performance car. For some…

[Source:Rain Prisk via Facebook]