2019 BMW Z4 M40i… Shooting Brake?

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We’re actually big fans of the new BMW Z4 M40i, here at BMWBLOG. We know that a lot of BMW enthusiasts are dogging it for bucking some of BMW’s traditional design trends but that’s the very reason we like it — it’s different and exciting. It looks aggressive and it looks like a sports car. The previous Z4, the E89 generation, was a beautiful car but it never looked like a sports car, more like a small grand touring car. This new one looks mean and we like it.

More recently, we saw that angry roadster imagined as a coupe, in a recent render. That render honestly just made it look like the Toyota Supra with which it shares its chassis. It looked cool but, ultimately, just like a Supra. Now, the same person behind that Z4 Coupe render has come up with another — a BMW Z4 M40i Shooting Brake.

As a car enthusiast, I love a good shooting brake as much as the next guy but I’m not so sure about this. Admittedly, there is a part of me that really likes it, as it reminds me of the BMW Z3 M Coupe, the famous Clownshoe, which was an odd looking car but a hilariously fun oddball of a thing. Though, I’m not so sure it works as well on this new Z4.

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While the back end, the shooting brake end, looks cool on its own, its quirkiness doesn’t match the rest of the car. The new BMW Z4 is too serious, too angry looking to have a funny looking shooting brake design. The original BMW Z3 was a fun looking car to begin with, so adding an odd coupe-like rear end just made it even funnier. This, though, just looks a bit off.

Don’t get me wrong, if BMW ever makes a Z4 M40i Shooting Brake, I’d drive the hell out of it because it would be awesome. But I’m just not so sure about how it would look.

[Source: X-Tomi Design]

8 responses to “2019 BMW Z4 M40i… Shooting Brake?”

  1. Kevin Malone says:

    Please spend your money on creating another sport Ute…… I know many will say you don’t need another one but you definitely don’t need a shooting brake for the 20 jokers who think it’s good looking…… by the way…… yeah it’s horrible!

    • disqus_gMkqrHMwOa says:

      Original M Coupe (Clown Shoe) was Automobile Magazine’s 1999 Design of the Year
      Car & Driver’s 10 Best
      Top Gear (TV) Best Driver’s Car of the Year 2000
      Top Gear (Magazine) 1 of 149 Coolest Cars EVER (2015)
      Top Gear (Website) 1 of 25 Coolest BMWs EVER
      European Car Magazine Winner Grand Prix Winner 1999
      Hammond Classic 2011
      Jalopnik 10 Best Cars of the Decade
      Autoblog’s Greatest BMWs of the Century

  2. This would looked better if the back was rendered better but i do hope they make an official one.

  3. Arunabh says:

    I always felt that BMW should have had a shooting brake designed car in its range.
    It makes perfect sense for this brand.

    Cummon BMW, do something out of the box. You aren’t here only to please your CFO !!

  4. jason bourne says:


  5. Senne says:

    I think they actually used a 1 Series Sports Hatch roof. Just noticed that. That’s actually quite funny.

  6. disqus_gMkqrHMwOa says:

    Shooting Brake?
    As someone mentioned previously –
    Bring back the Clown Shoe!!!

  7. Tumelo Malumane says:

    This render reminds me of the Suzuki Swift.

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