If you’re a fan of Touring models you most likely are angry at BMW M for no longer making any. The M division used to offer, on certain M5 generations, Touring versions which used to be the ultimate family cars. The last of them was the E61 M5 Touring, probably the last family car in the world with a V10 engine. After the E60 generation BMW switched to forced induction engines on its M5 models and also dropped the Touring from the line-up leaving us to wonder whether that’s ever going to make a comeback.

While some are simply waiting for a miracle to happen, other people got to work and decided to make their own wagon with M credentials. One of them is this crazy dude from Germany, who decided enough is enough and built his own F11 M5. No expense was spared and the end result shows it. Under the hood is an S63 engine along with the DCT gearbox but the rear differential is missing, something that the owner is working on right now.

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A lot of the parts had to be custom made, such as the exhaust, for example, created by a local shop in Germany, specialized in making only custom builds. It does make a huge difference and sounds better than the F10 original, to be honest. Inside the cabin things were changed out too. The dash was taken from a proper M, including the instrument cluster and the seats were changed out with Recaro ones.

The engine was upgraded as well, with hybrid turbos, a new intake and the aforementioned exhaust. With stock internals, the owner claims 950 HP are possible with an Ethanol injection system but right now the car is making some 800 HP. The biggest challenge was getting everything to work together, not fitting it on the car. The electronics and the coding took the longest time to get right, the engine coding requiring 6 weeks alone to get it to start. That should tell you a thing or two about how hard you have to work to get something like this running in the first place.