Big fan of Madonna? Love to drive a MINI Cooper S? Have £55,000 lying around? Then this listing is the right place for you, as it introduces you to a perfect solution to keep boredom away. Autotrader apparently has a listing of what is claimed to be Madonna’s former MINI Cooper S, from the time she used to live in the UK and be married to successful movie director, Guy Ritchie. If £55,000 sounds like a lot, that’s because it is, but then again, if this does turn out to be her car, it may be worth that much to a collector.

Now it will be of huge importance whether that’s a collector of cars or Madonna memorabilia. If it’s the case of the former, the MINI Cooper S discussed here is not going to be worth the financial effort. That’s because it’s not a rare, one-off model or anything. Apart from the signatures of everyone who worked on it being apparently hidden inside the car, there’s nothing to set it apart here, really. It has 25,000 miles on the clock, it’s a manual and has every possible option on it ticked.

However, if you’re a Madonna fan, things change a bit. It’s not as if you can buy and drive the same car as the famous American singer every other day of the week. The paperwork shows the car being initially registered to The Ciccone 1989 Trust in 2002. That’s her company as Madonna’s full legal name is Madonna L Ciccone. Furthermore, she references driving a MINI in a couple of her songs like American Life, where she says she feels ‘super duper’ behind the wheel of her Cooper S.

Then again, there are plenty of paparazzi shots still circulating online from the days they used to stalk her around town back when she used to drive this thing on a daily basis. According to the ad, she sold the car to one of her drivers in 2006. The car was kept in storage up until 2016 and then sold at auction for £22,400, a lot more than the expected price of up to £9,000. Could £55,000 be too much? Could be but then again, in the future, it may be a worthy investment.