After the official reveal of the new BMW Z4 M40i, there as been a surprising amount of backlash from BMW enthusiasts who feel that it strays too far from the brand’s traditional design language. If you’re among the group that feels that way, you’re not going to like this new render of the Z4 M40i Coupe.

In this new render from X-Tomi, the BMW Z4 M40i gets a fixed hardtop roof and it looks, unsurprisingly, like the Toyota Supra. That’s because the two cars share a chassis, engines, transmissions, interiors and technologies. They were built alongside each other and a new sports car chassis developed in-joint by BMW and Toyota. So they’re basically twins.

Admittedly, this render sort of looks like X-Tomi just cut the roof of a picture of a Supra and slapped it on the Z4 M40i and painted it red. So it lacks a traditional BMW Hofmeister Kink. It’s actually not bad looking, it just looks like the Supra. Which will be a good looking car when it makes its debut.

BMW Z4 Coupe G29 meets Toyota Supra J29 X Tomi Design 830x506

Also, BMW’s and Toyota’s partnership must not be lost in many enthusiasts’ ranting about the new Z4’s design. Yes, it strays a bit from typical BMW designs but it was also not entirely designed by BMW. Sure, BMW designed the Z4’s body independently but, with modern day chassis, there’s only so much you can do to change the look of a car from another based on the same platform.

It must be mentioned that, at least as of now, there are no plans to make a coupe version of the Z4. Apparently, that’s what the Toyota Supra is for. So the Z4 will remain a roadster only and the Supra will only be a coupe. That’s what we’ve been told up until now. So if you hate this render, which I’m going to assume a lot of you will, fret not, as it won’t actually ever exist. At least, as far as we know.

[Source: BimmerToday]