Of all the upcoming BMW 8 Series models, we’ve only officially seen the Coupe. There are two body styles on the way, though; the Gran Coupe and Convertible. So far, BMW hasn’t officially revealed either. There’s been an 8 Series Gran Coupe Concept and we’ve also seen some leaked photos of the Convertible. Spy photos of both have also been making rounds. However, nothing official from either production model. Now, though, we’re seeing some official patent drawings of both.

These leaked patent drawings show both the 8 Series Gran Coupe and Convertible, from all angles. So they’re quite useful for seeing what the basic shape and designs are going to be like for both cars.

bmw 8 serie cabrio 03 830x488

First up, the 8 Series Convertible. Obviously, it looks a lot like the Coupe, just with a soft-top roof and a different rear deck. With the top down, the 8 Series Convertible will look great but, as with most convertibles, the top being up sort of ruins the smooth, beautiful looks of the Coupe. At least it’s a soft-top roof, which is more premium and luxurious looking than a folding hard-top.

Next up, we get to see the 8 Series Gran Coupe. Just recently, some spy photos have shown the 8er Gran Coupe and it looks great. In these patent drawings we get to see a few details more clearly. For instance, its large Air Breather and subtle Hofmeister Kink are far more visible here than in the previously-seen spy photos. We also get to see that it will have a ducktail rear wing integrated into the decklid.

bmw 8 serie gran coupe 01 830x488

We’re excited for all 8 Series models but many enthusiasts are excited about these two more. Imagine a BMW M8 Convertible, with those stunning looks and hearing that blaring V8 and its accompanied exhaust sans roof? Or carrying four adults in the sleek looking BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe, with its gorgeous looks and impressive luxury? We can’t wait for any of these cars.

[Source: AutoVisie]