We’re still pretty far away from the official unveiling of the second model in the new 8 Series range and we can’t wait to see the new Gran Coupe out in all its glory. If the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe Concept is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat. The video below shows what seems to be a BMW M850i Gran Coupe in full camo being tested on the Nurburgring, BMW’s traditional proving grounds.

The car was spotted earlier this week on the Green Hell and it seems like it’s being properly tested. And it should definitely go through the most extensive testing procedure as I have a hunch this will be the best selling model in the 8 Series range. It’s also supposed to be a worthy successor to the 6 Series Gran Coupe, a fan favorite, especially in M6 guise. The looks, the way the car drives and the bespoke interior make the M6 Gran Coupe a possible future classic.

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The M8 Gran Coupe is also scheduled for production but we’re still at least one year away from seeing it in the metal. After the M8 Coupe shows its head in the world, the Gran Coupe and Convertible models will follow and, once we find out what engine/transmission combo will be used by the Coupe we’ll also know what will be animating the other two. At the moment, it seems like the same 600 HP S63 engine from the M5 will be used, even though BMW officials hinted at a possibly more powerful setup.

That’s highly unlikely but let’s just keep our fingers crossed in the meantime. The transmission will most likely also be borrowed from the M5, making the M8 an all-wheel drive ordeal but that’s alright with us, considering you can switch it to pure RWD mode and have tons of fun with it. Furthermore, the 0-62 mph sprint time might even undercut the numbers claimed by the M5, possibly making the M8 the fastest BMW ever made.