The BMW Isetta is one of the most important models in the history of the Bavarian brand. It was the company’s road to survival back in the 1950s, when resources were scarce and German companies were recovering from the World War II. However, people still needed a way to get around and the Isetta provided just that with its 1-cylinder 247-cc engine and limited room.

More than 50 years later, the Isetta is about to be reborn, this time in tune with the trends and what people are looking for. Two brothers from Switzerland showed the world two prototypes of a new car that takes the exact same shape as the original Isetta. At launch, they announced a small 500 units production was scheduled and invited anyone interested to apply for one. In a couple of days, the first 500 of them were accounted for, showing the great success lying ahead.

This week, the two announced that the Microlino – the modern-day electric name of the Isetta – will be built by Italian manufacturer Tazzari and they plan on making 5,000 units a year. This way, everyone interested gets one for the price of 12,000 Euros. That’s a bit expensive considering that some ‘conventional’ cars in Europe can be had for that kind of money, and they bring more room and amenities to the table. However, it’s a start and if this proves profitable, the sky’s the limit.

The car will be built using pre-existing components to keep the costs down. The motor comes from a fork-lift and has 20 HP while the door handles are taken from Fiat’s 500 model. According to the company, the car has a range of 120 km and a top speed of some 90 km/h, more than enough for urban areas. Furthermore, you can recharge it in four hours and it’s going to cost you less than 1.5 Euros. All in all, this looks like a promising prospect and we’re glad the Isetta is making a comeback.

Via: Reuters