For quite some time now, the people behind the Mission: Impossible franchise and BMW have been working together. The German car maker has been a sort-of sponsor of the crazy stunts Tom Cruise does in his movies and the effort definitely brought forward some unforgettable scenes, like the one in the previous film, where a BMW M3 takes the stairs instead of a road. The latest installment, Mission: Impossible Fallout is no exception.

In the new flick we get to see Ethan Hunt on the prowl again and this time we moved up in the M world, graduating from the M3 to the M5. The new F90 M5 is featured in the film, being remotely controlled by Simon Pegg, playing computer geek Benji Dunn in similar fashion as the E38 7 Series James Bond had some decades ago. However, while back then it seemed like doing such ‘witchcraft’ is some sort of crazy thing which would never happen, these days it seems quite doable.

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In the footage below we get to see Tom Cruise talk a little bit about the help BMW offered to get this movie done. From the new M5 to the original E28 model, Ethan Hunt definitely has his choice of brilliant cars to destroy in the movie. He also rides a modified R nineT bike in the movie, on the streets of Paris. According to Graham Kelly, the Action Vehicle Supervisor, the bike got a bit more power, stickier tires and had its electronic nannies turned off to allow Tom Cruise to do his thing.

What’s even more impressive is that Tom actually does a lot of his stunts which makes him a living legend, to be honest. At age 56 most people think about buying a boat and sailing the world not doing action movies, jumping through windows and crashing into a car while riding a BMW R nineT. But I guess that’s why he makes the big bucks.