Now that the BMW F90 M5 is getting delivered around the world and that plenty of reviews have come to light already, a lot of people are sharing their thoughts on BMW’s uber-sedan online. The latest are the guys from Drag Times, the popular Russian channel hosting some of the most outrageous drag racing machines we’ve ever seen. Apart from seeing who’s faster in a straight line, they are also growing their channel by publishing reviews of various cars and today they are focused on the new M5.

This is not your normal review though as they decided that being brutally honest about the M5 is the way to go and boy, did they go the extra mile. For the first few minutes, the man behind the wheel does nothing but complain about modern BMWs. Looking at a screen and at what he’s saying, you can actually see his point making sense. I mean, if you’re just looking at the BMW M5 and sitting in it, yes, everything he says is absolutely right.

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From the fact that the people in Munich apparently pay more attention to ambient lighting and ionic air being pushed inside the cabin to the design which didn’t change that much over the last few years. everything he says is true. Then again, start the car, put it in attack mode and get to driving and you’ll soon understand that the M philosophy about making cars is still alive and well. Even the reviewer had to admit that this is a proper M car and that BMW hasn’t lost its way.

The review goes over what truly makes this car tick and what makes it the best in the segment right now. From the power delivery to the suspension and how it handles, it’s a winner in everyone’s book, even though the tester they had didn’t even have its first inspection done, being in the break-in period. That definitely didn’t stop them from doing some burnouts.