The BMW M4 might not be newsworthy anymore as it has been released quite some time ago. Nevertheless, the M4 is still regarded by BMW fans as the best driving car in the range. That’s not to take anything away from the brilliant M2 or the almost too powerful M5 but the M4 remains the car that seems to mix the two perfectly, bringing more power than the former and less weight than the latter to the table. Even the man behind the BMW Motorsport division admitted to me personally earlier this year that the BMW M4 is his favorite from the current BMW line-up. According to Jochen Neerpasch, only M models count as BMWs and out of the bunch, the M4 shines brightest to him, one item on his bucket list being to take this car out for a spin on the Nurburgring. That, I think, says everything you need to know about the M4 but in case you’re still not convinced, the video below might change your mind.Capture 4 830x419The commercial below is absolutely brilliant in showing you exactly what makes all M cars worth the price tag. It’s not necessarily the speed, the power or the way they look. It’s their dual character that wins you over every time you get to drive them. There are so few cars in production these days that allow you to actually have some fun on the track and then simply drive off to pick up your kids from school that every M car should be celebrated for this particular reason. In the short clip below we get to see the dual character of the M4 in full swing and the protagonist getting to grips with his alter ego, a proper race car driver in a full racing suit. Let’s face it, we’ve all done it before, seeing ourselves as proper pilots when getting behind the wheel of a BMW M car. However, the way they filmed everything makes it all the more interesting to watch, quite a fascinating take, if you ask me.