There’s really no need for spy photos of the BMW 8 Series anymore, now that we’ve seen the official reveal. However, most of us have only seen photos of the new 8er and have never actually seen the real thing in the flesh. Fortunately for one lucky soul, an 8 Series was spotted in the wild and that lucky person decided to share it with Instagram.

In the description, it claims the BMW 8 Series to look better in person. While we can’t actually attest to that from these photos because they’re, well, photos, it does seem like the sort of car that looks better in the flesh. Its subtle curves, the way its rear haunches flair out and the sharp creases in its body work all seem like they would just stand out more in person. It also seems to look a bit smaller in the flesh, while it seems quite long in photos. The new 8 Series is actually shorter than the 6 Series Coupe it replaces, which means that it is likely smaller in person than it looks in photos.

Image from iOS 3 830x501

One thing’s for certain, though, it’s a damn good looking car, this new 8 Series. It’s long-ish, low and mean, with sharp body lines and muscular flares. And remember, this is just the BMW M850i, not the proper BMW M8, which i likely going to look even better. That car will be even more aggressive, even angrier and we can’t wait to see what BMW has in store for that.

Even still, though, I don’t think any customers would complain about any version of the new 8 Series, as it’s such a pretty car. In fact, the M850i might even be the best version, as it will probably be more of a proper GT car, being even more comfortable than the full-on, full-chat M8.

[Source: Christian Wimmer]