BMW confirmed already that the 8 Series range will follow in the footsteps of the 6 Series it replaces, in the sense that it will offer three body types. The Coupe has been out for a week now but people are already thinking about the two other models that are set to be unveiled in the future. The first one will be the G14 8 Series Convertible to be followed by the 8 Series Gran Coupe in a short while, a car that was already sort of leaked online thanks to patent images.

One of the first renderings of the 8 Series in a different guise was the 8 Series Convertible, showed in the first couple of hours after the Coupe was unveiled. This time round we’re looking at a new take on how it could turn out and we have to say the guys from X-Tomi Design did a good job at chopping off the roof.

BMW 8 Series Cabrio2 830x467

Speaking of which, the new 8 Series is bound to keep the textile retractable roof of the 6 Series Convertible. There are plenty of reasons for that to be kept along, from the fact that it is considerably lighter than a hard top to the advancements done in the field, leading to better noise canceling. After all, there’s a reason why the Rolls-Royce Dawn, the most luxurious drop top in the world right now, uses a soft top, right?

As for the production 8 Series Convertible, it will arrive next year and it will be using the same engines as the Coupe at first. On the petrol side of things we’ll get an 840i and the epic M850i xDrive model while on the diesel front you’ll get to pick between the 830d and 840d models at first. Later on the F91 M8 Convertible will show up, taking things even further in terms of performance and, why not, even looks.