How can you tell if a new model will be influential or whether it has been highly anticipated by the brand’s enthusiastic followers? You could judge it by the way they react to the car when it’s unveiled, but another clear indication comes from the number of renderings coming out as soon as the car is shown for the first time. As far as that goes, the BMW 8 Series is probably one of the most anticipated cars in the industry.

Since its unveil, the gran tourer was shown in a Convertible guise, rendered as a Shooting Brake model – twice – and now we’re looking at it in a pickup form. This sort of utilitarian version will never see the light of day, at least not in production guise, but it is an interesting take nonetheless, especially since BMW is known to actually build such contraptions for various purposes. The pickup trend seems to be quite popular, especially in the BMW M division.

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It all started with the E30 M3 of which one lucky model was actually turned into a pickup for a logical reason when thinking about it. The team working on it actually needed a way of carrying parts across the facility and thus a pickup M3 was brought to life. Then again, the E92 M3 was also turned into a pickup race car, but this time just as a rouse for April fools day. Some of the automotive journalists out there actually bought it as the real deal, until reality kicked in.

As for the 8 Series at hand here, X-Tomi Design did a great job and, even though it won’t become reality, we’d love to have one and take it for a spin, especially with the new 4.4-liter V8 under the hood. That thing sounds just like a monstrously powerful Ute should.