Shooting brake models are rare these days, when customers only seem interested in SUVs of all shapes and sizes. Even so, sometimes nostalgia takes over and from it some rather interesting creations pop up. In the wake of the 8 Series being unveiled and since it came out with some seriously wide and sexy hips, automotive pixel manipulators around the world started putting together all sorts of creations, to see how the 8 would look like in other body styles.

The pictures at hand here come from two of the best renderers in the business these days. First up is X-Tomi Design, with a side view of what looks like a very doable 8 Series Shooting Brake model. The roofline and rear end are definitely inspired by the 1 Series hatchback as you can also probably see but other than that, this thing looks rather good, although we would’ve also preferred a view from the back.

2019 bmw 8 series shooting brake 126421 1 830x552

The second version offers us a rear 3/4 view and comes from Rain Prisk Design, a man who also worked with various gaming studios to bring real-life cars into the virtual reality of our screens. His take is a bit of a stretch as it shows the car being lowered closer to the ground but also showing a completely new take on the taillights which seem to go all the way from one side to the other. Looking at it you once again get to realize just how complex the rear end is, accentuated here by the presence of a big, simple shape, embodied by the rear window.

Two rather different approaches but both showing that a Shooting Brake 8 Series wouldn’t be a completely outlandish proposition. In the meantime we’re waiting for the other two already confirmed body types to show up, respectively the BMW 8 Series Convertible and 8 Series Gran Coupe.