BMW M cars are a joy not only for enthusiasts looking for the best daily driver/track machine combo but also for tuners. The F90 M5 is the fastest car BMW ever made and thus gained a following already, with people clamoring at the chance to either own or drive one. The new M5 also marks a couple of firsts for the Bavarian manufacturer so the sales should do quite well. Therefore, tuners are definitely paying attention to it and the exhaust specialists from Eisenmann already brought out a first custom, aftermarket exhaust for the M5.

Their system is apparently not only plug and play but also compliant with the regulations in Europe regarding exhaust fumes. It’s a full catback system with a Valvetronic system consisting of a mid section and rear muffler. Their solution is compatible with BMW’s electronic exhaust flap controller which allows you to choose between two different settings, keeping the flaps open for a louder sound or closed if you don’t want to bother your neighbors too much.

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The sound clip below shows the differences between the two modes and we’re glad to report that pops and bangs seem to be plentiful when dealing with this Eisenmann exhaust. Stainless steel is the material of choice here while the tailpipes can be enhanced with a variety of tips. In the photos you’ll notice a copper finish for them which actually works quite nice, being a step in a different direction compared to what we’ve been getting used to.

For racing implementations Eisenmann is offering a middle silencer replacement tube and downpipes as well as a different rear silencer. However, these are not road-legal options. Having been one of the central talking points in BMW communities since the F10 M5 came out, the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 otherwise known by the S63 code name can apparently sound good if the soundbite below is anything to go on. No word on pricing just yet.