It’s only natural that the most luxurious SUV ever made is now on everyone’s mind. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is here to take no prisoners and that’s exactly what’s going down now, as its launch coincides with an all-time high interest in SUVs on a global scale. And since luxury will always be in demand, we’re looking at a winner here, from the get go. Of course, you shouldn’t go thinking that you’re going to see a Cullinan at every corner now, but it will be a good seller for the Rolls-Royce brand.

That means the Brits will sell over 1,000 units per year, which is more than enough for a manufacturer which specializes in bringing out truly bespoke creations. What we’re looking at here today though are a couple of variations based on the new ‘high-riding vehicle’, courtesy of pixel manipulators X-Tomi Design and Kleber Silva. They thought about how the Cullinan would look like if it was designed in a couple more variations, just for fun.

rolls royce cullinan renderings 6 830x467

What we ended up with therefore is a set of pictures which will definitely spur you on, no matter if you like the new Rolls or not. From the traditional ‘base-spec’ version X-Tomi got us used to – which, to be fair, doesn’t make sense in this situation – to a pick-up version, a coupe, convertible and certain other variations of these body styles. Some of them don’t look that bad, to be honest, but they don’t really make sense.

The pick-up version is certainly appealing to me and it could be for potential customers too. After all, Rolls-Royce owners have a higher chance to be hunting amateurs than your ordinary Joes, simply because they can afford it if for no other reason. With a pick-up they’d have the perfect place to place their game on the way to the mansion after a long day of shooting. Rolls-Royce could even work its magic to invent some sort of material to cover the bed of the pick-up to make sure you don’t even get dirty when using it or something like that. What’s your favorite?