The consensus among most BMW enthusiasts is that the E39-generation of BMW M5 is the best generation. It’s the most pure, the most thrilling to drive and the one that provides that old-school feeling of BMW M more than any other M5, both before and after it. It’s an absolute legend in the automotive community. So, naturally, fans would be happy to see any E39 M5; stock, tuned, modified, whatever. Just seeing an E39 M5 makes a bad day better. Except this one. No. This one gives me the same feeling I get when I see a Facehugger in Alien. Ugh.

We don’t know too much about this car but, from what we can see in its Ebay listing’s photos, it’s an E39 BMW M5 with the front bumper from a BMW M4 and the rear bumper from an . And it just looks…wrong.


There’s actually no way of telling whether or not this is actually an M5. It could just be a 5 Series with some M5 modifications and an engine swap. We’re hoping for the latter, to be honest, because if it is a real M5, that means someone butchered a current and future classic.

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To be honest, the rear end doesn’t look horrible with the E92 M3 bumper, just odd. The front, though, looks pretty rough. Not only was the M4 bumper modified to fit the E39 BMW M5 but it’s likely a replica and just doesn’t look…right. Plus, the widened fender flares just don’t work on the rather skinny E39, as cars from that era are significantly smaller than modern cars. So even the M5 from its day, which was considered a relatively large car then, is quite a bit narrower than the current M4, which isn’t considered a huge car by modern standards.

I’m all for modifying older BMWs to be a bit more modern, more fun and more unique. In fact, it’s encouraged. But when you take a classic, like this car is claimed to be, and turn it into Frankenstein, it’s a bit upsetting. Especially when it looks a bit off.

[Source: Car Throttle]