This Melbourne Red BMW X5 M comes courtesy of R1 Motorsports. The California-based tuner is most known for their work on high-end luxury and high-performance vehicles, giving their owners the perfect translation of their aftermarket tuning ideas into a finished product. For this BMW X5 M, the only addition that the customer wanted, was a set of HRE Wheels. While some owners like to go over the top and add numerous aftermarket upgrades, getting this beast just a set of wheels is the quickest, classiest and most effective aftermarket modifications you can do.

This BMW X5 M is adorned with a set of HRE S204H forged wheels. The design of the S204H wheels includes hidden assembly bolts, a unique twisted spoke geometry, and complex 360-degree surfacing inspired by the latest supercar wheels. The final product is a wheel that matches a unique style and exclusivity with lightweight and high-quality, traits necessary to enhance today’s luxury vehicles and supercars.

Melbourne Red BMW X5 M HRE Wheels Image 6 830x553

The HRE S204H wheels seen in this build are sized 21×10 in the front and 21×10.5 in the rear. The standard Satin Silver finish is applied to the wheels, giving the X5 M a unique overall look. Grab a detailed view at the media gallery of this Melbourne Red BMW X5 M right below.

Melbourne Red BMW X5 M HRE Wheels Image 7 830x553