With BMW officials going on the record and confirming future M models will be at least hybrid, the world is simply waiting for the first sports car from BMW using a fully electric drivetrain. Considering the amount of performance electric motors can bring to the table, the possibility of the Germans launching a supercar successor to their original and only one so far is starting to take shape and one daring artist even put together a rendering of what it could look like.

When talking about BMW and supercars, one only has the M1 to think of. Even though some claim it was never a supercar in the true sense of the word, the M1 was the closest the Bavarians ever got to making a Ferrari or Lamborghini rival. Developed in collaboration with the latter Italian company, to this day the first ever car to wear the M letter on the boot is considered a stepping stone in the history of the brand. Therefore, it was only natural to infuse this rendering with some sort of throwback to it, in this case coming in the shape of the wheels.

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Look even closer and you’ll notice that whereas the past is being invoked here, the future isn’t missing either, the front end sporting a hint of 8 Series in it, due to its massive grille and sharp edges combined with sleek headlights. As a matter of fact, this thing looks like a perfect blend between the past, present and future of the blue and white roundel and we absolutely love it. Chip in the sleek body and butterfly doors and we have a winner.

Getting back to the present, BMW is developing next-level battery tech as we speak. It will all be done in their new research center in Munich and, according to various officials, it will allow BMW’s future EV offerings to cover up to 435 miles using one charge. On a supercar that sort of range wouldn’t be needed but the tech behind it would allow for incredible performance, if they suddenly decided to give us what the world has been waiting for since the 1970s.