Alpine White is one of the most popular exterior finishes for BMW M3 owners. Simply, the pristine white looks clean, enhancing the M3’s muscular body lines and sharp, angular body panels. On the other hand, thanks to its somewhat old age, the BMW M3 is beginning to become an aftermarket tuning favorite for many. Released back in 2013, the vehicle is already set for replacement by its heir – the BMW G80 M3.

But, thanks to a set of HRE RC100 wheels on this Alpine White M3, the vehicle gets a refresh. These HRE RC100 wheels start at $1,300 each, making the entire Series RC1 motorsport wheel line perfect for owners seeking strong, lightweight track wheels that can take a beating. This build features wheels sized 20×8.5 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear. Thanks to a Brushed Clear finish, the light and cool theme of the wheels complete the clean look of the Alpine White exterior.

2015 Alpine White BMW M3 on HRE RC100 Wheels Image 6 830x554

Even though some owners shun away from adding a set of wheels differing from the OEM sizes, these HRE RC100 wheels shouldn’t impact the handling prowess of the M3 significantly. The average weight of these RC100 wheels in 20-inch sizes is 21lbs (9.5 kilograms) in the front and 23lbs (10.5 kilograms) in the rear. Compared to OEM 19-inch BMW 437M wheels – which weigh in at 21.9lbs (10.06 kilograms) and 22.7lbs (10.97 kilograms) – these (depending on sizing) could actually be lighter than the OEM wheel smaller in both diameter and width.

In all, these not only upgrade the looks of the M3 in a gorgeous way, they also lower the unsprung mass of the wheel setup as well.

Grab a detailed look at the media gallery right below.

2015 Alpine White BMW M3 on HRE RC100 Wheels Image 8 830x554