After months of speculation and various tidbits floating around the world wide web, Rimac Automobili – the Croatian supercar & technology company – have revealed their second hypercar, the Rimac C_Two, at the Geneva Motor Show. Following the controversial crash by Richard Hammond on an episode of The Grand Tour, Rimac Automobili became the focal point for futuristic car technology fans around the world.

Now, with the advent of their second production car, all of the small Gremlins that plagued the first vehicle (mostly related to comfort levels of the driver and passenger) seem to be corrected. But, for the most part, it’s the tech aspect of the Rimac C_Two that impresses the most.

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The vehicle is a pure electric Grand Tourer, equally as capable of cross-continent road trips as it’s in beating a track record. It simply represents true innovation in the car world, developed mostly in-house in a small production facility on the outskirts of the Croatian capital city, Zagreb.

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With 1,914 horsepower and 1,696lb-ft (2,300Nm) of torque, the vehicle is able to sprint from 0-60mph (0-97km/h) in as low as 1.85 seconds and achieve 186mph (300km/h) in 11.8 seconds. Why the 0-60mph (0-97km/h) time? While nobody wants to confirm this, our sources tell us that this is basically a stab at the Tesla Roadster and their claimed time – which is also the 0-60mph (0-97km/h) – not the usual 0-62mph timing.

According to Rimac, the C_Two can achieve a top speed of a whopping 258mph (412km/h). For example, the Bugatti Chiron features an electronically limited to 261 mph (420 km/h) – due to the tires. Rimac is just a tad shy of that top speed, but with a much faster 0-186mph (300km/h) time that the Chiron – which does the sprint in 13.8 seconds. This level of performance is available thanks to a powertrain featuring four electric motors and a battery pack allowing it an impressive 406 miles (650km) NEDC range. Rimac features bespoke Pirelli tires, adhering to particular demands of an instant torque vehicle and it’s high-performance nature.

The vehicle is designed from the ground up by the Rimac’s in-house design team. The vehicle features a full carbon fiber monocoque chassis with a bonded carbon fiber roof, an integrated battery pack, and a merged rear carbon fiber subframe.

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Crash structures are formed from aluminum, and the body itself is pure carbon fiber. In turn, the vehicle is both relatively light and exceptionally strong. For impressive handling prowess, the vehicle features a double wishbone suspension with electronically-controlled dampers and active height adjustment. The result is a smooth and comfortable ride, which can easily be turned into an adrenaline-filled experience both on and off the track.

With four electric motors powering each individual wheel giving both four-wheel drive and unprecedented levels of dynamic control. And while a pair of independent single-speed gearboxes applies drive to the front wheels, a pair of independent two-speed, gearboxes – one for each rear wheel – allow the C_Two to make use of its prodigious torque to produce both mind-blowing acceleration and true hypercar top speed.

Rimac also ensured the vehicle comes with daily driving usability. Thanks to its battery pack – which can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes – the driver won’t have to suffer from range anxiety. Additionally, the vehicle is designed to be used hard, repeatedly and reliably. This is no fragile thoroughbred; new and innovative, liquid-cooled thermal management systems mean that this is a car capable of two full laps of the infamous Nürburgring at full power – with a negligible drop in performance.

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Design wise, the C_Two is an impressive looking vehicle. With various passive and active aerodynamic additions, the vehicle not only looks good but allows for impressive performance thanks to loads of downforce available in various circumstances.

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The vehicle features a load of carefully integrated into the graceful, agile form are a variety of active elements, from flaps in the hood that alter the C_Two’s aerodynamic profile, to a rear wing that adopts different positions according to dynamic loads. Furthermore, the rear wing operates as a full air-brake to stabilize the car under heavy braking. A flat floor and active rear venturi also ensure that the C_Two is both aerodynamically efficient and stable at speed – again necessary with a car capable of such outrageous numbers.

Rimac C_Two Wallpaper

Even the lightweight forged wheels have an aerodynamic function, ensuring that the braking system is fed with cooling air while allowing smooth airflow down the flanks of the car at speed. Various cooling channels are also animated, to ensure the best possible efficiency and performance at all times. In turn, this could very well be one of the most high-performance optimized all-electric vehicles (both on and off the track) that we have seen to date.

Grab a detailed view of the Rimac C_Two, shot in some beautiful Croatian scenery, in the media gallery right below.