Today we learned that BMW is planning to bring out a BMW M8 Gran Coupe concept out at the rapidly approaching Geneva Motor Show. The launch of an 8 Series Gran Coupe model was known for quite some time and an M8 version would only make sense considering how loved the M6 Gran Coupe was. However, while we’re patiently waiting for all these beauties to come out, some artists out there are even bolder, thinking about older glory days.

BMW only made one mid-engined car in its more than a century of car making. It was and still is the only model built with a BMW roundel on the hood that can be called a ‘Supercar’ and it really had a design that set it apart in the automotive world. It was a beauty but unfortunately it wasn’t truly appreciated to its real value back when it was new. Now, thanks to automotive rendered Rain Prisk, the idea of a mid-engined supercar is coming back to life.

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He imagined a possible M8 with a mid-engine layout but powered by a V12 instead of a straight six mill as it was the case with the M1. Think of it as a combination between modern design, a throwback to the good old days and a possible revival of the S70 engine. That’s the V12 that powered the record-breaking McLaren F1, yet another mid-engine supercar. This time around though, the V12 mill would have to be either turbocharged or smaller, possibly combined with some sort of electric motors, to cope with the existing emission regulations.

It doesn’t look half bad and it would be answer to the supercars and hypercars launched by the competition from Germany, a weapon asked for by the most diehard fans of the brand. The chances of it actually becoming reality are slim at most, but as far as the design goes, we’d definitely have a winner here.