The BMW M4 Convertible is a good looking car, no matter the angle you’re admiring it from. The Coupe version is a stunner already but drop the top and you get to see an even sharper tool getting to play around the city. Chip in a dashing color and some aftermarket goodies and you’re bound to get a reaction everywhere you go. We’re guessing that was the plan behind this particular M4 which showed up in Abu Dhabi wearing almost the entire AC Schnitzer kit on it.

‘The devil is in the details’, they say, and that’s particularly true here. While the owner could’ve gone for a general Speed Yellow theme, covering everything in the striking color, he or she decided to go down a different path, choosing the combo carefully. The entire car is dominated by a yellow/black theme, from the nose where you’ll notice the kidney grilles and carbon fiber inserts on the spoiler as well as the canards on the sides, to the sides and rear end.

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The side sills are also wearing black and the M Performance logo, telling us where they came from, a different supplier compared to the AC Schnitzer bits used up front. The wheels also sport the same black and yellow theme and look absolutely amazing due to the golden calipers of the carbon ceramic brakes hiding behind them. Round the back you’ll notice the AC Schnitzer diffuser as well as the carbon fiber tips of the quad exhaust pipes.

Understandably so, the interior follows the same recipe, with black leather all around, yellow contrast stitching and carbon fiber in abundance, everywhere. And even though the side mirror covers don’t usually fall into the interior category, since this is a convertible, they feel like it and they are also made of carbon fiber. Looking at this stunning M4 one does have to wonder whether this or the recently unveiled 30 Jahre Edition would be nicer to have. What would you choose?