Even though BMW won’t spill the beans on whether or not they are working on a proper BMW X4 M, the countless times the car’s prototype was spotted out testing on both public and private roads can only mean one thing. Our very reliable sources inside Munich have also confirmed that both the X3 and X4 models will get an M version so right now it’s only a matter of time before we see them materialize.

That said, the X4 M will be the one to get most likely and there are a couple of good reasons why that may be. M models are usually not bought because they are cheap to run or because they provide some sort of service that justifies their price tag. The X5 M is almost twice as expensive as an entry-level xDrive25d model but then again, it’s not twice as practical or half as expensive to maintain. But then again people buy it because of how it makes them feel.

2020 bmw x4m 830x472

Throwing the logical side of things out of the window, the X4 M will be the one to get over the X3 M in my opinion. You’re already choosing a car that shouldn’t be here by conformist norms, why not go all the way and choose the less practical and yet more stylish choice of the two? After all, they will have the same engine and specs, leaving just the personal preference to make the difference. And a couple thousand bucks, most likely.

The two will be using a new 3-liter straight six engine developed from the popular B58 mill. The upgraded motor will be dubbed S58 and it is claimed it will be making around 450 HP once it comes out, in standard guise. Since the two are SUVs, the transmission will be all-wheel drive and chances are we’ll get to see the same combo as on the new M5 being used on them which would be a definite step up from the one used on the X5 and X6 M models. The new M xDrive system also comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox that was set up specifically to work in conjunction with it.

As for the looks of the new M SUV, X-Tomi Design did a great job with this rendering, hitting pretty close to home if the X6 M is anything to go by. We don’t know just yet what the new X4 M will look like but I’m pretty confident it will entail massive air intakes on the sides of the front bumper as well as wider hips at the back, as this rendering shows.