The S85 5-liter V10 engine is a jewel, regarded by most BMW fans as the best powerplant the M division ever made. Its screaming 8,750 RPM redline, the 500+ HP it develops and the cars that were fitted with it make it worth the trouble. But did you know that there was a car made in 2006, with the same engine under the hood, that didn’t wear the BMW logo on the boot? Yes, the coachbuilt Fisker Latigo is the rare bird I’m talking about and it was penned, as you may imagine given the name, by the same guy who brought us the Z8.

Henrik Fisker is a legend and his creations are truly standout cars. From the Z8 to the Aston Martin DB9, you simply can’t mistake his creations for anything bland. The Fisker Latigo follows the same recipe to the letter. Its design is unmistakable and it was coachbuilt, even though it has obvious hints from the BMW E63 M6 infused in it. That’s understandable as the Latigo is riding on a modified M6 chassis.

The resemblances end there though as the S85 engine was tuned to make 655 HP while the standard gearbox was changed with a 7-speed sequential one. Therefore, this RWD beast is hard to keep in control when pushed to the absolute limit. Then there’s the fact that it comes with just 22,850 miles on the clock which means not nearly as abused as you’d expect it to be, making for a tantalizing proposal.

If you’re curious about the price you might want to hold on to your seat. When it was brand new, the Fisker Latigo asked for over $200,000. However, the Bring-a-Trailer page it is listed on reached just under $40,000 at the time of the writing which, to me, seems like the bargain of the century.