The Lumma Design CLR X 6 R body kit is one of the most aggressive tuning choices out there. It seems to be particularly popular in Russia, where the guys from TopCar are selling quite a number of these kits annually. They don’t come cheap but you’ll definitely be standing out in the crowd with your BMW X6, if that’s what you’re after. This particular model we’re showing you today also tried on a rather rare color.

Usually reserved by Porsche for its Cayenne and Panamera models, the color is dubbed Amethyst. As you can see, it’s a deep metallic purple that fits the body of the X6 dressed up in Lumma Design elements perfectly. Speaking of which, the kit itself is nothing new, as the tuner unveiled it back in 2014, but it is worth noting that the X6 does come close to the newly released Lamborghini Urus with it installed.

bmw x6 with lumma body kit tries porsche amethyst purplepaint 3 830x553

As for the technical side of things, if this were a BMW X6 M to begin with, we would’ve been talking about 750 HP going to the wheels but since this model started life as an xDrive50i version, its 4.4-liter V8 went from 450 HP to 555 HP. That’s plenty of power in my book, as the X6 knows how to keep it in check, provided there’s a skilled driver behind the wheel.

The good part is that if you’re more into frugality than high velocities, the guys can hook you up even if you buy an xDrive30d model. However, in that case, you’d miss the beautiful sound of a V8 engine roaring under the hood and render the quad tailpipes at the back useless. Nonetheless, you’d definitely attract a lot of curious looks simply by driving down the street.