The Sweptail is definitely the ultimate car when it comes to luxury. Built as a one-off by Rolls-Royce, with the design being set in stone by the designers alongside the owner, this thing is the definition of custom built luxury. Being a unique, one-off creation also means you won’t get to see it on the road anytime soon or even put up for display, unless the owner wants to do so. Therefore, we’re kinda lucky to see it in the photo gallery below, courtesy of the people over at BMW Motors Abu Dhabi.

This particular dealership is known to BMW fans around the world for its custom-made cars and their unique projects. Whereas in other places if you asked for a custom bumper or set of wheels to be added to your ride would be met with judging looks, the people in Abu Dhabi thrive on offering their customers exactly what they want. Unfortunately, they can’t offer a Sweptail as well, since the car we’re looking at today belongs to a very wealthy patron already.

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The price tag paid for it is said to be around $13 Million and, to put that in perspective, we’ll remind you that you could get about four Bugatti Chirons for that kind of money. Nevertheless, if that was the case, you’d just be yet another Bugatti owner whereas there’s only one Sweptail owner in the world. And according to Rolls-Royce, the car was built to the exact specifications of this mystery man or woman.

Riding on a modified Phantom Drophead Coupe platform, the Sweptail has a V12 engine – of course – and some unique styling cues both up front and in the back. Probably the most enticing thing to look at is the rear apron along with the yacht-styled wood inserts inside the cabin, visible through the rear window. Speaking of which, the panoramic roof of the Sweptail is, according to Rolls-Royce “one of the most complex ever seen on a motor car”. Considering the price tag, that’s nowhere near a surprise.