Buying yourself a brand new BMW can be a deeply satisfying experience. Configuring a car from scratch to make it exactly as you dreamed it is what car buying should be all about. Car makers know this and they are working hard to bring together easy to use configurators that can be accessed from a variety of devices. BMW Online offers great support for those interested in buying a brand new car, answering questions you might have about the possible combinations on the spot, using a chat service among other things.

The spots posted at the bottom of the page focus on the hilarity that can ensue once these tools are misused. They are currently airing on UK TV networks and they are definitely both relatable and funny at the same time. How many times didn’t you get into a confusing conversation with someone just because you simply weren’t paying attention?

1 830x420That’s a situation that can easily happen when using Skype or a different video chat app, while running a different app in the background at the same time, like it’s the case with the seemingly unsupporting father in the first clip. Then again, using the phone to configure your car while also thinking out loud can get you into trouble just as easily, as the two women in a bridesmaids shop clearly point out.

Nevertheless, the two clips are funny and definitely deserve a look over, if not for a laugh maybe to get a clue about what’s new in BMW’s Online app and web configurator. All you have to do know is make sure you chose your perfect combination and maybe let us know what you settled for.