The BMW Z4 M is a rare bird by all means. BMW only made M versions of two Z4 models overs the years, the E89 version, for example, being left out of the loop. According to our sources, the upcoming Z4 will also not be offered in a full-on M guise and that’s bound to leave some people disappointed. Nevertheless, this means that we should appreciate the Z4 M models that did come to life and the one in the footage below is definitely being used as it BMW meant it to be.

However, unlike the usual Nurburgring clips we’re usually showing you, this time the Bimmer is going up a rather unusual rival: a Kawasaki Z1000SX bike. Usually, car versus bike rundowns don’t take long and have only one outcome but in this case, things are a lot closer than you’d expect. Sure, in a straight line, the bike will leave the Z4 M in the dust but on a tricky track like the Nurburgring, with 21 elevation changes throughout its course things are bound to get tricky.

bmw z4m coupe vs kawasaki z1000sx nurburgring 117902 1 830x370

Overall, the lap does look great and it’s a glaring display of skill from both the driver and the rider. The latter doesn’t seem shy to lean into corners as much as possible and, as the video will show, he even grazes the asphalt a couple of times with his knees and elbows, showing his dedication to posting a fast lap time. On the other hand, the driver of the BMW Z4 M is also displaying great skill behind the wheel.

To be more precise, the pedal cam he had installed is definitely worth the effort as it shows his happy feet dancing all over the three pedals. Heel and toe seem as natural as simply pressing the brake and that’s testimony to the experience this man has with his beautiful BMW Z4 M Coupe.