It’s no secret anymore that SUVs and electric vehicles are reshaping the automotive world like never before. Estimates show that all the progress the industry made in its over 100 years of existence will be nullified in the next few years and will seem to have happened at a snail’s pace once EVs take over. At the same time, people want more and more car for their money and SUVs are currently the go-to automobiles, therefore most manufacturers are focusing their efforts in this regard, BMW included. But could we ever see a BMW i SUV inspired by the BMW i8?

05 Aston Martin v12 Vantage SUV Concept 830x461

Chances for that happening are more than likely. BMW recently announced that it has reserved all the names from i1 to i9 as well iX1 to iX9 which points to a possible development of the range along those lines. The names are pretty self-explanatory, with the iX versions being SUVs, whereas the rest being compact, sedan or other variations that don’t imply a high-riding chassis. Of course, there’s still a long way to go and just applying for a trademark patent doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these models will enter production, but at the way things are going, we’re more than likely to see electric SUVs sharing design cues with the i8 in the future.

04 BMW i8 SUV Concept 830x461

That will truly be something new since electric SUVs won’t be a novelty anymore in a couple of years. BMW themselves, have announced that an all-electric X3 is coming somewhere around 2020 and that will mark the brand’s first incursion in the field. However, building a car that takes design cues from models like the i8 will be a feast to our eyes. The i8 is still one of the best looking cars on the road today, even though almost four years have passed since it was launched.

Nevertheless, even if it does come to fruition or not, the renderings put together by the guys from Jennings Motor Group did make us wonder ‘what if’. It’s not just the i8 that looks interesting in SUV guise, as other sports cars apparently can be morphed into a decent looking machine with SUV-style bodies.