The old BMW 1 Series Coupe was a true return to form for the Germans. It represented what they do best, a small, front-engine rear-drive Coupe with a balanced chassis and plenty of power to go with it. Chip in the manual gearbox and the hydraulic steering and you have a recipe for success on your hands. The Bavarians even offered an M version but if you didn’t have the funds for it, a more down-to-Earth alternative could be found in the shape of the 135i.

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The two shared the engine under the hood, even though the 1M had some serious upgrades done to it, to make it perform as it did. However, no matter how good the twin-turbo N54 engine was, it still used forced induction and that simply wouldn’t work for some people. People like the guy behind the project we’re showing you today who decided to squeeze an S65 beast under the hood of a tiny 1 Series Coupe.

The engine was bored and stroked and taken up to 4.6-liters and now develops 502 HP. Along with it, a donor M3 also gave its 7-speed DCT gearbox for this build as well as an LSD for the rear axle. Furthermore, the suspension was also modified using BMW and aftermarket parts, to make sure whoever buys this V8 1er can take full advantage of it on the track.

According to the ad on Bring a Trailer, the car was done to the exact specs of a 1M, the body panels being replaced on the original 135i with replacement bits bought from Munich. They were also welded on and installed by BMW technicians to bring the end result as close to the original as possible, with two extra cylinders, of course. At the time of writing, the bids went up to $30,000 which, to me, seems like a steal.