Yesterday, the CEO of BMW, Mr. Harald Krueger, held a press conference where he emphasized on the priorities he set for the company for the upcoming years. We got to learn a lot about BMW’s priorities during the event, from the fact that upcoming electric models will have a completely different name, including the SUVs, to the fact that ConnectedDrive will soon include functionality compatible with the Google Assistant.

That’s something a lot of the customers have been asking for. While support for iOS and Apple devices in general is already a thing inside new BMWs, including Siri and CarPlay, Android users have been feeling kind of left out. In that regard, Krueger said during his conference that “As of November, our customers can use Skype for Business and starting this December BMW Connected will also be integrated with the Google Assistant.”

bmw connecteddrive 750x281

That’s music to my ears. So far, I didn’t get to test the Skype for Business app inside a BMW, mostly because the cars I had for testing privileges were built in October, at the latest. Furthermore, the December launch of the integration of Google’s Assistant also remains to be tested, as it is quite a fresh announcement. Nevertheless, here’s to hoping that following this decision, BMW will also turn its attention to Android Auto, something we know a lot of customers have been waiting for.

As far as ConnectedDrive goes, at the moment, there are 10 million connected BMW vehicles on the road today. The development will continue, to offer more functionality to the customers. At the moment, in various markets around the world, ConnectedDrive allows you to avoid traffic, set a specific departure time so that you won’t be late to your meeting and other innovative features.