KW Suspension has just released what some will consider a legacy product: a BMW E30 3 Series suspension solution that fully caters to this specific model range. The new KW classic suspension system features forged steering knuckles on the front struts for the BMW E30 3 Series. In turn, the owner no longer requires the time-consuming processing of using the original struts when converting to a modern suspension system. This means that both the KW Variant 1 and KW Variant 3 can be more easily installed, removing any excess labor or problems arising from such custom solutions and work.

KW Klassik V3 BMW E30 Fahraufnahme 007 830x553

Both the Variant 1 and the Variant 3 are available with forged spindles. While the Variant 1 comes with a pre-configured sporty comfortable setup, the Variant 3 allows the owner to adjust the compression and rebound forces separately in order to allow for the recommended damper setup to be adjusted individually as well – both to the personal driving demand. Both KW classic coilovers for the BMW E30 allow a continuously lowering of up to 80 mm – something tuning savvy owners will definitely appreciate.

Modern suspension setup for more driving pleasure in the BMW E30

When the KW Classic suspension system is installed, the driving dynamics of the BMW E30 3 Series is much improved. Combine that with modern tires and larger rims, even the situations where the driver puts the vehicle near or at the limits of driving dynamics, stability and control are still retained.

Also, with KW suspensions, the unique character of the popular E30 remains clearly present and the driving pleasure is still prevalent. Additionally, fans of classic automobiles often face the challenge that the advanced development of the tires brings, as they are barely harmonized with the suspension technology of the seventies and eighties of the former century. For most models, there are no tires available with the technology standard of the former original equipment. Drivers of a classic automobile often have to switch to modern tires.

This requires a modern suspension upgrade as well, as KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker explains: “In recent decades, an immense change has taken place in this segment. What was previously known as a wide base tire, has long become standard in original equipment and, accordingly, the range of retrofit tires has also changed.”

“Older suspension and damper developments with standard technology from the time of their market launch, combined with modern tires in everyday life or at the limit of driving dynamics, can be inharmonious or even difficult to control in regards of driving behavior. This is not the case with our suspensions.”

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Adjustable damper technology is also available for the BMW E30 model range

With the KW dampers independently adjustable in compression and rebound, it is also possible to adapt the driving behavior of all BMW E30 (except ix-models with permanent four-wheel drive) to the personal driving demand.

“The rebound adjustment which can be adjusted with 16 clicks allows to directly take influence on handling and driving comfort”, explains KW Product Manager Johannes Wacker. “By increasing the rebound force, the body movements are reduced. The E30 drives with more tracking and the drivers have more ride stability at fast cornering speeds.” With the compression damping that is separately adjustable with twelve clicks, for example the traction of the tires can be increased and the handling can further be influenced. “In our dampers, also pre-configured high-speed compression valves are used”, continues the KW Product Manager.

“This has the great advantage that, for example, when crossing large transverse joints or speed bumps, bypasses channels in the damper open and the piston rod can dive in. Simply said, the wheels are springing in when driving over a bump and even at high speeds, the tires do not lose grip. This blow-off-characteristic of the KW coilover suspension makes sporty driving safer.”

In addition to the Variant 3, you can also purchase the Variant 1 kit with the aforementioned forged steering knuckles. But in contrast to the Variant 3, the compression and rebound damping within this system cannot be set independently. Both suspensions allow the owner to lower the BMW E30 at the front axle from 60 to 80 mm and, at the drive axle from 55 to 80 mm.

While the well-known KW coilovers Variant 1 and Variant 3, the OEM struts must be sent to KW in advance for processing, the KW classic coilovers are available with the forged axles included on the suspension strut. In the end, that makes for a cheaper investment for the BMW E30 enthusiast.