The Rolls-Royce Cullinan project is definitely going to spawn the most controversial model in the brand’s history. And considering the age the double-R logo has behind it, that’s saying a lot. The reason is quite simple, as the Rolls-Royce brand doesn’t exactly seem to resonate with the SUV concept. And yet, that’s exactly what the end result of the Cullinan project will be, leaving us to wonder just exactly how this car’s going to shape up.

When talking about any other model in the range, be it the Dawn or the Ghost, it’s pretty easy to imagine them as they are by all means scalable versions of the Phantom. With the new Phantom now out and riding on its fancy new lightweight platform which, according to the CEO, was made exclusively for the Rolls-Royce range, the other cars in the range will also get new versions. But for the Cullinan, this will be the first time we get to see a ‘high-riding’ Rolls, as the Brits put it.

2019 rolls royce cullinan rendered based on spyshots looks spot on 2 830x398

We’ve seen a couple of attempts at figuring out how the car will look like but none of them hit the mark as closely as this one does. Put together by Jan Peisert, they are on point and the SUV does take a lot after its Phantom brother. However, the rear end is still giving me headaches as the proportions seem all wrong. Of course, the Cullinan would have a taller greenhouse and bigger rear fenders along with taller doors but I’m rather optimistic that the designers in Goodwood will be able to find a better solution to incorporate them in the final product.

As for the car itself, all we know is that Rolls-Royce claims it will be the epitome of luxury in the SUV segment as well. That would imply bettering the impressive Bentayga in the process and that won’t be an easy feat. Nevertheless, the Goodwood people were certainly careful not to use the plebeian term, “SUV” when referring to the upcoming Rolls but instead calling it a ‘vehicle for all terrains’. Well, we’re certainly curious to see how it will shape up in the end!